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Augmented Reality Art: From an Emerging Technology to a Novel Creative Medium (2014)

My work mentioned in the first academic book written about augmented reality art. 

“Currently, some artists praise augmented reality painting and sculpture as the future of these art forms, but they are doing this on their websites and blogs rather than in academic papers (though with some excellent and convincing examples of their AR artworks). The blog entry ‘The Future of Painting?’ (2013) by Trevor Jones and the web-page and video by Ian Hutchinson are particularly worthy of note.”

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Premier Living Magazine (2014)

Creative Spaces

“An artist’s studio is more than four walls and an easel. Premier Living asks the professionals for their tips on the perfect creative environment.”

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This Week, India (2014)

Augmented Reality: Changing art with technology

“The studio in the Drill Hall, a centre for participatory arts for the local Leith community in Edinburgh is tiny. The artist’s colours and paintings jostle with each other for space. Just another typical artistic mess, I thought as I carefully craned my neck to look at some of his work. is oil on canvas paintings were interesting, his sketches impressive.  But that’s not what I was looking for.”

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The Scotsman (2012)

Meet the man making art from QR codes

“One of Jones’s paintings, Eardley, is an abstract image using a distinctly Joan Eardley-esque palette. On the surface it works simply as a modern-day tribute to one of the greatest Scottish artists of the 20th century. Scan it with your smartphone, however, and you will be transported to the website scottishabstract.com.”

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Skinny Artist

21 Artists To Watch in 2011

“Let me just say up front that Trevor Jones is a dangerous artist. He’s not just dangerous because he hangs out with Jon Lord of Deep Purple & Whitesnake, he’s dangerous because he knows exactly what it takes to market himself as a visual artist online in 2011.”

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Skinny Artist (2011)

Interview: Artist Trevor Jones

“Today we have the pleasure of talking with artist Trevor Jones who is not only an extraordinary painter and fine arts teacher, but a remarkable person as well.  He is one of those rare artists who is always looking for new ways to connect and give back to the larger arts community.”

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The Scotsman (2010)

Interview: Trevor Jones – An artist with a startling take on popular music

“Everyone who’s heard the song more than once will know what it sounds like, but what does it look like? Well, if you’re Edinburgh-based artist Trevor Jones, it’s a solid wall of white and gray colliding with a confused mass of blues, purples and pinks, all underpinned by a vivid block of orange.”

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Artmag Magazine

​Cover of the Feb/Mar 2009 issue

Mixed media on board
70 x 70 cm