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March 2022

Mail on Sunday

Bit-Casso! the digital artist who made £2m in a DAY

At the age of 51, artist Trevor Jones is about to pay off his student loan and the mortgage for his modest three-bedroom flat in Edinburgh in one lump sum. And, for the first time since moving to Scotland from his native Canada 23 years ago, he’s purchased a car – a Tesla – because he can finally afford one. But it is no lottery win which has led to his ‘rags to riches’ story just a few years after finding himself having to borrow money from friends to make his monthly mortgage payment

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March 2022

Non Fungible Talk

What Is NFT Art, and How Do You Join the Revolution?

The visual artist has been using the latest innovations like Augmented Reality, cryptocurrency, and NFTs to bridge the gap between art and technology for a long time. Jones has collaborated with many famous names in the NFT space and sold more than 5000 NFT artworks so far, averaging $3,400 each. His highest bid art is Genesis, which was sold for about $800,000 as this writing time. 

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January 2022

The Crypto Times

7 NFT Artists to Follow in 2022

UK-based NFT artist Trevor Jones has made millions in just a day selling NFTs, and that’s when he flung into crypto fame. He began turning his paintings into short video clips to sell as NFTs. 

The piece that gathered immense attention to his work was “Bitcoin Angel” which sold for around $3 million in just seven minutes. Back then, the artwork set a record for the most expensive edition.

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